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Price depends on your choice for deployment – whether you are using tokens certificates or our fresh signing service.

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Our User Manual help you provide more knowledge about how to use certificate provided services in your daily life with some easy steps.

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In accordance to the guidelines of Electronic Transaction Act we have defined our certificates facility according to different Class.

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Nepal Certifying Company (NCC) has been established in 2013 with the initiation of implementation and  promotion  of Digital Signature Certificates and provide services in the field of digital security. Nepal Certifying Company is the  Management Partner/ Registration Authority of Radiant  CA. NCC is well equipped with strong technical and management team having excellent experience in the field of Information Technology.


Board Of Directors


Biplav man singh

CO- chairman

Deepak Bhandari

Managing Director

purushottam ghimire


Navin govinda shrestha


Certifying Services

Digital Signature and Certificate

The only proven technology for the security, authenticity, integrity and non-repudiation is Digital Signature and Digital Certificate i.e. Public Key Infrastructure PKI Solution

Information Security (IS) Audit

An information security audit is one of the best ways to determine the security of an organization’s information without incurring the cost and other associated damages oaf a security incident.

API Development and Software Integration with PKI

The integration is a process of adding up of some modules in the system by which it extends its functionality of PKI. The Integration process will allow authentication and validation of the users.

Information Security Consulting Services

We serve our client on any pre, during and post services related to Information Technology Security issues or any Technology implementation related issues in an organization.


A security token is a small hardware device that the owner carries to authorize access to a network service. We provide varieties of tokens such as USB tokens, OTP tokens etc.

Information Security Training

The Short term and professional certifications training on Information Security is available with certified and professional instructor.


Assurance: | Application: Individual

for signing emails only


Assurance: | Application: Individual, Enterprise | Secure

for signing email and documents with or without encryption


Assurance: | Application: Individual, Enterprise | Secure

For signing emails and documents, active directory authentication, and application authentication (with or without encryption)

Certifying Products & Services

Intranet SSL Certificates PKI Integration
Digitally Sign Documents
Digitally Sign & Encrypt Emails


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, subsequent to the enactment of Electronic Transaction Act 2063 and Rules 2064 in Nepal, Digital Signature Certificates are legally valid in Nepal. Legally valid for all online transaction. Digital Signature Certificates are issued by licensed Certifying Authorities under the OCC Government of Nepal as per the Electronic Transaction Act 2063 and 2064 Rules.

Yes, multiple signing can be done in PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Document signing in web application.

– For signing purpose DSC is not require in both end.

– For encryption purpose DSC is require in both end.

Contact our support line to reset password or mail at support@cert.com.np.

Our Certificates Conform To X.509 Standard Of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) In Nepal. Digital Signatures Are Considered Legal Binding As Per The Electronic Transaction Act 2064. For Detailed Information On What Digital Certificates And Public Key Infrastructure Are, Please Look At Our Support Page And Follow Applicable Links. Our Product Prices Depend Upon Your Individual And Enterprise Needs. Please Contact Us For More Information.

News & Events

17th June, 2020 Kathmandu, Nepal

Digital signature creates new ways to transform Nepal

Digital signatures help enforce security during data transfers. They're mainly responsible for establishing authentication, data integrity, and non-repudiation.

1st June, 2017

MOU Signing Ceremony between Nepal Certifying Company and CAN Federation

A Signing Ceremony was held in Federation Of Computer Association Nepal. Not only this a penned signature for Digital Signature Certificate was also performed between NCC and Federation Of Computer Association Nepal.

6th June, 2017 Police Head Quarter, Naxal

Training program on Digital Signature Certificate

Updated on: 6th June, 2017  to 7th June, 2017 Successful 2 days Training program on Digital Signature Certificate at Police Head Quarter, Naxal  Tuesday and  Wednesday.

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